Skill & Elegance Dressage Cup 2016


Download Technical Handbook: 1-TH-SkillEleganceCup2016-updated
Download Preliminary Test: Preliminary Test_2011
Download Elementary Test: Elementary_CHD_Team_2016
Download Medium Test: Medium_CHD_Indiv_2016
Download Advanced Test: Advanced_JUN_Team_Test_2016
Download PSG Test: Prix_St_Georges_09-2016_0

EVENT: Skill & Elegance Dressage Cup 2016
DATES: 30 April, Saturday – 1 May, Sunday
EVENT ORGANIZER: Arthayasa Sporthorse Equestrian Services
VENUE: Arthayasa Stables, Limo Cinere
SECRETARIAT: Arthayasa Stables
Blok Tengki. Kec Limo, Cinere-Depok, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 21 7547024/25
ARENA: Outdoor, grass: Medium, Advanced, PSG
Big Indoor, sand & textile: Preliminary, Elementary
TOTAL ENTRIES: Maximum 50 entries per day
The competition will run under the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). In any circumstance where FEI are not available the Organizing Committee will have the authority to make decision
The Event will be held in accordance with:
·       FEI Statutes, 23rd edition, effective 29th April 2014
·       FEI General Regulation, 23rd edition 1 January 2015
·       FEI Rules for Dressage Events, 25th edition, updates effective 1 January 2014
·       FEI Rules for Jumping Events, 25th edition 1 January 2014, updates effective 1 January 2015
·       FEI Equine Anti-Doping Rules for Human Athletes 2015 (ADRHA)
·       Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations 2015 (EADCMR)
Event Director: Alla Radinal (FEI 10013651)
Ground & Footing: Rafiq Radinal (FEI 10002582)
Event Manager: Niken Mediana
Treasurer: Nurul Laila
Stable Manager: Anto Budiarto
Secretariat: Dyah Maharani
Dressage Jury: Helen Huges NZ, FEI 4* (10052351)
Barba Fernando Vittorio M.PHI, FEI 3* (10003056)
Scribers: Nilgun Prins
Mia Arsjad (FEI 10051819)
Scorers Ida Pelealu
Dyah Maharani
Stewards: ARSJAD Mia Asriyani (FEI 10051819)
UMBOH Michael (FEI 10052976)
MOELYONO Soegito (FEI 10050809)
ROBOT Raymond
Announcer: Ida Pelealu
Treating Vet: Dr. Rizky
22 April, Friday 18:00 – Entry Closing Date
26 April, Tuesday 18:00 – Late Entry Closing Date
27 April, Wednesday 5:00 – Stables Opened
29 April, Friday 15:00 – Arena Familiarization
29 April, Friday 18:00 –Technical Briefing, Limolian Cafe
30 April, Saturday – Competition Day 1
30 April, Saturday – Discussion with Judges (by appointment)
1 May, Sunday – Competition Day 2

Classes time is tentative, final schedule will be released after the closing entry date 22/04/16 Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.50.07 PM


DRESSAGE TESTS: All dressage tests are the NEW TESTS for the FEI World Dressage Challenge 2016 except Preliminary test. Preliminary test is the FEI Challenge Prelim test used last year. All tests can be downloaded from
Download Preliminary Test: PRELIMINARY_TEST_2011
Download Elementary Test: Elementary_CHD_Team_2016
Download Medium Test: Medium_CHD_Indiv_2016
Download Advanced Test: Advanced_JUN_Team_Test_2016
Download PSG Test: Prix_St_Georges_09-2016_0


Preliminary NOVICE Rider
Open to riders new to this level, who never competed before or started competing for 1 year or less. Horse-rider combinations should not have been competed or placed/scored above 60% in higher levels and not scored above 65% in the Preliminary level for more than 5 times. NOT open to professional riders.
  Elementary NOVICE Rider
Open to riders new to this level, not experienced and not scored above 65% in the Elementary level for more than 5 times.  Horse-rider combinations should not have been placed/score above 60% in higher classes before. NOT open to professional riders.
  Preliminary, Elementary, Medium OPEN Classes
Open to riders who had experience at higher levels and are riding a horse with less experience, or for combinations who are competent at this level. Horse-rider combinations should not have scored above 60% in classes two levels higher than the entering class. Open for professional riders. Example 1: combinations scored more then 60% in Advanced level should not enter Elementary class. Example 2: combinations scored more then 60% in PSG level should not enter Medium class.
  Advanced and PSG Open:
Open to all horse-rider combinations.
DRESSAGE CUP Highest combined score in both classes of the same level on Saturday and Sunday. NOVICE and OPEN classes results are combined for the Cup results calculation.
AGE OF HORSES Preliminary, Elementary minimum 5yo
Medium, Advanced minimum 6yo
PSG and above minimum 7yo
DRESSAGE CUP LEVEL If a rider competes in two levels – rider must declare in which level he/she competes for the Cup – before start of the competition, latest at the Technical Briefing. Horse-rider combination may compete for Skill & Elegance Cup in one declared level.
PROFESSIONAL RIDER Trainers, instructors, coaches. Riding/training is a main source of income.
STARTING POSSIBILITIES Horse can start TWO times on the same day:
Two times in Preliminary class with two different novice/young or amateur riders.
One time in Preliminary or Elementary class with novice/young or amateur rider and one time in Medium or Advanced class.
In two different classes with the same rider but with no more than one level difference: Preliminary-Elementary, Elementary-Medium, Medium-Advanced or Advanced-PSG, etc.


Jackets. Jackets are optional in all dressage classes.
For Advanced class tail coat is optional. If riding without a jacket, a white long/short-sleeved shirt must be worn. Polo shirts are not allowed.
Helmet. Competitors must wear a helmet with a 3 or 4 points harness correctly fastened at all times when mounted. For Advanced and PSG classes a top hat may be worn during the warm up and actual competition only.
Bit. For Prix St-Georges level, a double bridle is compulsory. For Advanced Level the double bridle is allowed. For Medium, Elementary and Preliminary levels, an ordinary snaffle must be used. This applies in the practice and competition arenas. Whips are allowed in all levels. For adults the whip should not be more than 1.20 m, for children not longer than 1.00 m.
Schooling. Horses may only be ridden by its registered competitors from 18:00 the day before the competition and on the day of competition.
Earphones and other electronic communication devices are not permitted at Dressage Competitions whilst competing and is penalized by elimination. These devices are permitted during training and warm-up. Callers are allowed.


Participation or representation in the prize-giving ceremony is compulsory. Dress and saddlery have to be the same as in the Competition, however BLACK or WHITE BANDAGES are allowed. Rosettes should be placed on the Horses’ bridles prior to prize-giving.


ALLOCATION OF PRIZES 3 competitors – 1 prize/placing. For dressage classes with 1 rider starting, prize money will only be awarded for 62% score and above.


By entering and participating in the competition you agree to the terms and conditions.


Neither the organizers or the venue proprietors accept liability for any accident, damage, injury or death to any competitor/equine/ spectator/groom or any other person or property present. We advise all competitors their families, employers and spectators to have their own insurance cover for at least third party liability. The organisers of this event have taken precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present for these measures to be effective everyone present MUST take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and stewards. The organisers reserve the right to alter or amend the rules to cancel or divide classes to alter advertise times and to refuse entry without reason as they think necessary at any time without notice
ENTRY FEES Entry fees for each class are shown in the competition schedule.
ONLINE ENTRY Online entry is available at  Entries submitted online will have a discount of Rp25,000
LATE ENTRY Late entries for dressage are permitted up to 26 April, Tuesday, 18:00. A late entry fee surcharge is Rp150,000 on top of the normal entry fees.
STABLING FEES Permanent: Per day Rp200,000; Per event (27Apr-2May): Rp900,000
Temporary: Per day Rp180,000; Per event (27Apr-2May): Rp800,000
TECHNICAL BRIEFING: 29 April, Friday, 18:00, Limolian Café
WITHDRAWALS Entries cancelled after the closing date 22 April 2016, Wednesday 18:00 will be refunded upon request, in case when horse or rider had a medical condition and were unable to compete. Requests must be accompanied by veterinary certificate for the horse and doctor certificate or parent letter for the rider. Refund administration charge of Rp50,000 will apply per cancellation. Refunds will be provided within 1 (one) week after the show.
PAYMENTS All payments must be made latest by 26 April 2016, Tuesday, 18:00. Payments modes by Cash, Credit Card and Bank Transfer. Bank details: Ir. Rafiq Hakim Radinal, Bank Mandiri, Branch Cinere Account No 101-001-963-000-1
WAIVER FORM Waiver form must be signed by each rider participating in the event. Riders under the age of 18 must have guardian consent. To be returned with entry forms.
GENERAL CONDITION You are provided with plastic trash bag for the deposition of dung and other refuse. The dung must be removed from the sawdust daily and disposed of in a proper manner. At the end of competition, all stables must be cleaned of all dung and left over feed. The stables and other areas occupied by participants must be kept clean and tidy at all times. You are not allowed to burn sawdust or any other material inside the stable. Cooking inside the stable is not permitted
OC RIGHTS Alter advertised times if necessary – Cancel, divide or combine any class or event – Refuse any entry – Change competition details or prizes
APPEALS Complaints and appeals must be in writing to the President Ground Jury, signed by the authorized person from the club making the complaint and presented personally the appeal committee together with any supporting note evidence and names of witnesses and the deposit of Rp1,000,000. Complaints must be made not later then 30 minutes after the result are announced. If the complaint is accepted OC will refund the deposit conversely if the complaint is not accepted the deposit will remain with the OC. Refer to the FEI Art. 167 Of General Rules & regulations for more details.
INSURANCE All owners and competitors are personally responsible for damages to third persons caused by themselves, their employees, their agents and their horses
HORSE NUMBERS Riders are responsible for displaying the correct number on their horses at all time. The numbers can be purchased in the secretariat
Mobile: 0896 52605328
Mobile: 0813 88371764