Results – ACRONIS Indonesian Grand Prix, Show Jumping 2014


15 May, Thursday Dressage Results
17 May, Saturday Results Show Jumping Saturday
18 May, Sunday Results Jumping Sunday



Eid Mubarak from Arthayasa Stables


Summer Holiday Camp 10-12 June 2014










What campers want to know?
Full exciting activities with horses & friends: riding, grooming, tacking, feeding, photo shooting, crafts and more!!
Bring extra t-shirt, towel, shorts, sunscreen, swimming suit, carrots & apples for horses, snacks, water bottle. Please put camper’s names on all items.

More information for parents
Campers will have a busy schedule that will include feeding horses, preparing horses for riding, riding up to two sessions daily, horse theory lessons, learning facts about horses & horsemanship, creating crafts and more.
Camp activities are tailored to the comfort level of each participant. We structure the camp to encourage leadership and promote team work through fun and challenging activities. With friends and exciting experiences your child will learn new life important skills.

Sign Up
You need to fill up Camp Application form so we will have all important information about your child and emergency contacts. Payment can be made in cash before the camp start or transfer to Bank. Fee is Rp 1 million/day/child

June Summer Holiday Camp Registration
Arthayasa – release of liability
Parents Checklist

Last preparation – ACRONIS Indonesian Grand Prix 2014